Trustees’ Visit 2013

The sunshine was certainly welcomed by those who arrived from the cold northern hemisphere, but the local area certainly needed some rain. Water in a number of the shallow wells was having to be rationed; even though a few of the taps had needed replacing the pipelines were working well.


Last year’s big project at  Kitivo was a delight to see with  a well trained young villager taking great care to ensure everything was being well looked after. There had been plenty of media coverage, on radio and national TV, of the official handing over when the District Commissioner uncovered the plaque stating that the project had been implemented by Devon Aid Korogwe.

Visits to further villages involved lots of hill climbing to find suitable sources for possible new pipelines. It is mind blowing just trying to appreciate  how many miles the women have to trek and then  return  with their heavy water buckets. At one particular village security guards  were  looking after  the women, some of whom had been subjected to rape  while making their long journeys into the dark to get sufficient water for their families.

A number of schools have asked DAK for their own water supplies, be they piped, wells or rain water harvesting they would be grateful as so many of the children walk  for as long as two hours to get to school in the morning by which time they are very hot and very thirsty. Of course we would be so happy to say yes to them all but obviously that means plenty more fund raising before we could possibly undertake so many projects.Work has already begun on the extension of a village pipeline DAK installed in 2005 which will include four more hamlets and a primary school with a total population of approximately 1600.

When water is in short supply it is difficult, but nevertheless most important, to remember hygiene for all family members. A huge number of young children die from diarrhoea which could be prevented if adequate cleanliness were possible. The school children were excited to see the ‘kiddiwash’ posters which had been very kindly given to DAK  by Teal Patents Ltd to help train the children   to wash hands – and maybe the children will be able to teach other members of their households – if there is sufficient water that is!