Rain Water Harvesting for Secondary Schools

In the last twelve months we have installed Rain Water Harvesting into three schools, Kwemshai, Buiko and Mkomazi. This is a great advantage for both the staff and the students, many of whom have to walk six to nine kilometres to attend lessons which start at 8 am to finish at 2 or 3 pm. and then the long walk  to return home over the arid land in hot, dry conditions.  If they were not carrying water with them to last the day the closest water for many is the River Pangani which is most times polluted and where crocodiles attack.  If wells were to be dug the water is very saline. As time went by some dropped out of education.  So we were asked for help to store the rainwater.

It is most fortunate that following the installation there was some heavy rain and the staff and students were delighted. Now some students are able to stay overnight.

There are more schools with the same problems and we are hoping to help them.