Foroforo Pipeline Extension

A pipeline was installed at Foroforo in 2005/6 which also supplied a neighbouring hamlet. As time elapsed and a greater number of users came to fill their buckets at the taps, the polyurethane storage tank proved to be of an insufficient size.

In March 2013, following village meetings and agreements made by them, DAK and the contractors, work began on  the pipeline for a total of five villages, hamlets and the Primary School with a new block built 43 cubic metres storage tank. The villagers supplied much of the aggregate and dug most of the trenches. The contractors made the bricks on site and before the end of  September they had skilfully completed the entire project – much to the delight of the villagers and  of the Deputy Minister who visited the project.

It is so helpful to have such a good working relationship between members within the local Water Office, the Local Council, the Contractors and the villagers to make it all happen.


2013-07-20 15.53.26