Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Korogwe?
Korogwe is the name of a town, and a District with many villages, in the Tanga Region of Tanzania, East Africa. Approximately 5° south of the Equator.

How deep is a well?
Depths vary according to the earth’s strata. A shallow well might be anywhere between five and nine metres and a drilled well might be anything up to twenty one metres.

How much does a shallow well cost?
Including the survey, a shallow well averages somewhere around £2,500, drilled wells are more expensive.

What is a spring box?   

A spring box is a natural spring which has been covered by a concrete chamber, for cleanliness. The water is then piped by gravity to a storage tank before being piped further to a tap, or taps, in the village.

What type of water related illnesses do the villagers suffer?

There are often outbreaks of Cholera or Typhoid, sometimes Bilharzia. Guinea Worm is very painful, the Black Fly promotes River Blindness, Malaria is by far the most common problem.  Crocodiles dismember limbs, sometimes taking people’s lives.

How do the local people earn their living?
Most are smallholders growing maize, beans, cassava, and some keep a few cattle and goats. Some people are employed on the local sisal estates.,

How do you ensure the money is used correctly?
Stage payments are made as the work progresses and regular visits ensure the funds have been used correctly. Trustees’ travel expenses do not come from funds raised for the projects.

How do you raise funds?
The usual coffee mornings and quiz evenings, attendances at local agricultural shows, evenings of various entertainment and donations; some people like to make regular payments with a Standing Order through their bank account. Illustrated presentations are made to schools and various organisations.

How many villages have you helped so far?
By 2016 DAK has built  wells or spring boxes,  replaced eight obsolete pumps, installed pipelines including one almost two miles in length,  to help 54 villages making a total of well over 100,000 people being given easier access to clean water, as well as  more project construction ongoing. Also a rain water harvesting scheme has been installed at the town dispensary.

We are a small charity able to take on small projects.
All donations are warmly welcomed, large or small.

Many little drops of water will fill a bucket  – “Every little helps!”