DAK’s Story

How it all Began

In 1992, we enjoyed a great holiday in Tanzania with a group of farmers from Devon. It was a wonderfully exciting experience to see so many of the wild animals in their natural surroundings – previously we had only seen them on the television or in books. If we had been Royalty it could not have been better organised for us to see so many. The landscape was terrific, our accommodation great and the food delicious, but there was something not quite right. There we were living in luxury and each day we saw the local people who were finding it really difficult to scratch a living from their little holdings as we passed through a number of areas, away from the tourist tracks, to look at some farms.

korogwe no 2 2006 034

Cattle  walking in water which will be collected by villagers downstream for drinking!

On our return to UK we were given an introduction to a Tanzanian doctor from the Korogwe District. That is when it all began!

We went to Korogwe, an area we hadn’t previously visited, to see for ourselves and were asked by the village women if we could help them with the supply of safe water. We were shown what they were using and it was not at all attractive!

PICTURE4 We came home to think about it – but after that meeting with the villagers we certainly felt obliged and committed. How could we possibly feel any other?


Fund raising began in earnest and in 2000 we set up a registered charity here in Devon, England. Trustees agreed that being a very small organisation we could only concentrate on one thing, even though the villagers’ needs were many; that was safe water – a very basic necessity for all life.


These are some of the first children who benefited from DAK’s help.