Completed Projects 2015

Like many of the villages, Sharaka is situated in the mountains with a steep climb to access – and with far stretching views.

We were very pleased to see the pipeline project saving the women walking long distances up and down the difficult paths to the spring, instead they now have taps much closer to their homes and the school. Villagers had helped with the digging and back filling, as is expected of them for their contribution  before we agree to take on any new schemes.

In 2012 villagers had helped with the installation of our biggest pipeline yet at Kitivo. With all the maintenance training they received at that time the system is well looked after and working very satisfactorily. One section of the village, where their hard work had contributed, was still some distance from the installed domestic points, (taps) so they set to their contributory activities again and an extension with a DP has been added to their area.

Situated in a very dry and area with far spread communities we installed two wells in 2010 for Kwediwa, one of  which unfortunately went dry, so we have deepened it by a further two metres and it is now reliably serving the purpose. Also another well has been installed satisfactorily 2015 much to the delight of the whole community.