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2018 Visit

There had certainly been a lot of damage caused by heavy rain in certain areas in the early months of this year. Access roads were sometimes ‘inaccessible’ but the rain brought some good results for DAK’s Schools’ Rain Water Harvesting projects. Extra storage tanks would be an added benefit. Visits to some of the older […]

Rain Water Harvesting for Secondary Schools

In the last twelve months we have installed Rain Water Harvesting into three schools, Kwemshai, Buiko and Mkomazi. This is a great advantage for both the staff and the students, many of whom have to walk six to nine kilometres to attend lessons which start at 8 am to finish at 2 or 3 pm. […]

Quiz sheets 2016

Once again we send our thanks to Richard Taylor for compiling a very interesting quiz for DAK funds, this time regarding Dartmoor Tors which was much enjoyed.   There seem to be many more named tors than a lot of people knew about!  The winners were neighbours, Mrs Pratt and Mrs Purves  from Cullompton who […]

Completed Projects 2015

Like many of the villages, Sharaka is situated in the mountains with a steep climb to access – and with far stretching views. We were very pleased to see the pipeline project saving the women walking long distances up and down the difficult paths to the spring, instead they now have taps much closer to […]

Summer 2015

We were pleased to have sold 207 quiz sheets to work out the clues to find Devon Place Names.  Throughout the large area covered by the sales many spent hours pondering and enjoying, many found it ‘drove them mad’ but were determined to complete, saying it provided  good entertainment for families and friends spending time together. […]

Tavistock Wheelers Visit

It was certainly a wet and mucky August day for cycling through the Devon countryside when the Tavistock Wheelers made their way to our barn for their coffee and cake break. It was interesting to meet with them, to hear their cycling stories and we thank them for their help in supporting our projects.

Choir Concert

A wonderful concert, given by the Australian Welsh Male Choir, the  local Launceston Male Voice Choir and  joined by professional soloist, Shelley Coulter-Smith, was greatly enjoyed by a full audience in the local Parish Hall at the beginning of May.

Summer 2014

We have attended some of the local summer shows and have been delighted – and most surprised – to win a First Prize rosette for the Charity Trade Stand at Chagford Agricultural Show, and then the Citizens of the Year Award for the work towards  DAK at the Hatherleigh Rotary’s Fun Day! None of DAK’s […]

Foroforo Pipeline Extension

A pipeline was installed at Foroforo in 2005/6 which also supplied a neighbouring hamlet. As time elapsed and a greater number of users came to fill their buckets at the taps, the polyurethane storage tank proved to be of an insufficient size. In March 2013, following village meetings and agreements made by them, DAK and […]

Forthcoming Event

A young people’s choir  from London is coming to Okehampton, Devon to give a concert especially for DAK in the Fairplace Church.   Their ages range from eleven years to about twenty two years with the majority in their mid teens. It would be lovely to have a full attendance to welcome them. The Dunamis […]