2018 Visit

There had certainly been a lot of damage caused by heavy rain in certain areas in the early months of this year. Access roads were sometimes ‘inaccessible’ but the rain brought some good results for DAK’s Schools’ Rain Water Harvesting projects. Extra storage tanks would be an added benefit.

Visits to some of the older projects proved mostly satisfactory and working well. A small number had minor problems such as non replacement of worn tap washers. One had lost the lever to turn on and off the tap. Although the village water committee did have sufficient funds from the villagers’ contributions, arrangements had not been made to journey to collect a new one. This made it very difficult for the women to access the water – until someone found a spanner!

Misima, a village in the neighbouring District of Handeni, has a great shortage of water for villagers and livestock alike when the season is dry. A well has been proposed and villagers have collected their contributions.

Boheloi is a village where we installed a well some years ago in the Lushoto District. It is working satisfactorily but is not sufficient to provide the whole widespread population. We have been asked to provide a second well close to the Secondary School, where students have long journeys to and from each day, and for it to be installed in reasonable proximity for many of the community.

The third project we hope to supply is way up in the mountains where water is difficult to access, a survey for a pipeline has been carried out and we would very much like to help them at Kwemgunga, which is a hamlet close to Sharaka where we have already installed a pipeline and were rewarded with a live cockerel!